Why the Best Fundraisers Are the Best

Why the Best Fundraisers Are the Best

Featuring: Eddie Thompson, Ed.D., FCEP (2019)
Run time: 60 minutes

Stop merely aiming for industry standards. Meeting them only results in mediocrity. By emulating the average nonprofit's fundraising tactics, you are destined to encounter the same problems the average nonprofit faces.

In this one-hour webinar, Eddie Thompson, founder and CEO of Thompson & Associates, gives you the keys to unlock 16 secrets to becoming truly exceptional in your approach to fundraising.

View this webinar to:

  • Uncover why some fundraisers are more successful than others.
  • Discover the secrets to their success.
  • Master the 16 keys to move you closer to your fundraising goals.
  • Understand that strategic plans lead to strategic results.
  • Hear an extensive Q&A session where your fundraising colleagues received answers to their real-world questions

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This was one of, if not THE, best webinars I have attended. I have already shared the information with my Executive Director and CFO. Please let me know of other up coming webinars.

Don Merrill, Development Director, Northern Valley Catholic Social Service