The Upside for Planned Giving in a Pandemic and Beyond

The Upside for Planned Giving in a Pandemic and Beyond

Featuring: Brantley Boyett (2021)
Run time: 60 minutes

The experience of the COVID pandemic over the past year has compelled many of us to consider our own death in a new, more immediate way.

In this one-hour webinar, Brantley Boyett, Co-Founder and President, Giving Docs examines the science behind what happens when we are faced with our own mortality and the effect it has on estate planning. Boyett discusses the positive impact this can have on planned giving and how gift planning professionals can take action to amplify their results based on this new reality.

View this webinar to learn:

  • The impact the pandemic has had on estate and gift planning
  • How thoughts of death can change human behavior
  • Effective messaging strategies for connecting with donors in light of these changes

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I thought it was really interesting. I like the social science research aspect as well as the affirmation that donor storytelling is the way to frame these asks.

Rachel Spory-Leek, Program Manager, Gift Planning, Colorado School of Mines Foundation