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Stacy B. Sulman, JD (2022)

Eddie Thompson, Nathan Stelter (2022)

Brantley Boyett, Nathan Stelter (2022)

Elizabeth Ayers, JD, Executive Director of Gift Planning, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2022)

Eddie Thompson, Ed.D., FCEP, Founder and CEO, Thompson & Associates (2022)

Bryan Clontz, Ph.D., CFP®, CAP®, AEP® (2022)

Pamela Jones Davidson, J.D. (2022)

Overcome common donor objections with concrete giving suggestions to get donors thinking about a planned gift.

Phil Purcell (2022)

Explore the most important ways that a board of directors can (and should) support planned giving to fulfill its legal duty of prudent care.

Professor Jen Shang, PhD (2021)

Connect with donors in ways that help them feel better about themselves with insights from the world's only philanthropic psychologist, Jen Shang, PhD.

Professor Adrian Sargeant (2021)

Identify the drivers of donor loyalty and retention and develop new strategies to actively retain your supporters.

Margaret M. Holman (2021)

Learn how to match the perfect planned gift with a donor’s interests, current situations and challenges they face.

Melanie J. Norton, CFRE, MBA (2021)

Feeling anxious about transitioning a fundraising conversation into a planned giving conversation? This webinar will take your fears away. Learn strategies for seamless transitions that, in the end, will help your donors make the long-term impact they want.

Jessie J. Pridie, MA (2021)

Discover tips for staying engaged, tricks for increasing retention of important information and how to circumvent common listening barriers.

Jackie Franey (2021)

Learn how one nonprofit is successfully shifting the culture of its organization by integrating non-cash assets into discussions of philanthropic giving options with donors.

Katherine Swank, JD and Lawrence C Henze, MPA, JD (2021)

Discover database and fundraising strategies to help you grow your planned giving program from Blackbaud’s 20+ year study.

Katie Parker, Kit Lancaster (2021)

Review the research driving results in our industry and diagnose where your donors are in their legacy journey.

Brantley Boyett (2021)

Examine the science behind what happens when we are faced with our own mortality and the effect it has on estate planning.

Kathryn W. Miree, J.D. (2021)

Evaluate your gift planning program, focus on a strategy for your work, transform your culture and increase your success in building long-term gifts for your organization with these ten best practices.

Russell N. James III, J.D., Ph.D., CFP® (2021)

Learn new conversation scripts and planning techniques for raising major gifts of assets in today’s environment from Russell N. James III, J.D., Ph.D., CFP®.

Johni Hays, J.D. FCEP (2020)

Acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to collect IRA proceeds quickly and with less hassle and paperwork.

Russell N. James III, J.D., Ph.D., CFP® (2020)

Get your leadership invested in planned giving and your donors invested in making transformational gifts with research from Dr. Russell N. James III, J.D., Ph.D., CFP.

Claire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE (2020)

Learn about the growing significance of DAFs in the total philanthropy picture, how they work and how they may be of benefit to your charity.

Kathryn W. Miree, J.D. (2020)

Learn how to use strategy and expected outcomes to drive the selection and combination of marketing options and themes that will best engage your planned giving donors.

Nathan Stelter (2020)

Learn the subtle art of adjusting your planned giving messaging during the pandemic and economic downturn, and see how other nonprofits are doing it.

Pamela Jones Davidson, J.D. (2020)

For gift officers who seek a paradigm adjustment, this webinar is for you. Instead of visiting a donor with a specific ask, this program teaches you how to allow what the donor says lead your gift conversation.

Robert King, J.D. and Dalia R. Pineda (2020)

Gear up for the planned giving conversation with your donors, gain insights into the playing field of charitable gift planning and learn the fundamentals you need to practice to succeed.

Lynn M. Gaumer, J.D., Nathan Stelter, Zach Christensen, Katie Parker (2020)

In this unprecedented time, the world is changing daily. Stelter wants to keep you aware of developments critical to your organization's ability to survive and thrive.

John B. Kendrick CAP, Courtney Tsai, JD, CAP (2020)

Learn how to implement an effective legacy challenge program from those who've done it, twice.

Wm. David Smith, CAP® (2020)

Go beyond the numbers! Explore Giving USA’s most recent study to achieve a better understanding of planned giving donor motivations.

Lynn M. Gaumer, J.D and Larry Katzenstein (2020)

Get your questions about the SECURE Act answered by two leaders in the industry; Lynn M. Gaumer, J.D., senior gift planning consultant for The Stelter Company and Larry Katzenstein, partner at Thompson Coburn LLP.

Nathan Stelter (2019)

Explore the socioeconomic changes that are impacting how donors approach their planned gift decisions and what that means for your marketing.

Michael J. Degenhart (2019)

Learn strategies for effectively integrating gift planning into your capital campaign.

Jay Steenhuysen (2019)

Build a partnership between your PGOs and MGOs to create a valuable service to your donors that will help them reach their ultimate giving potential through outright, deferred and blended gifts.

Cathy R. Sheffield, CAP®, CSPG, CFRE, FCEP (2019)

Explore the soft skills needed to truly get to know a donor and ease into conversations that yield the information you need to develop gift options.

Thomas W. Cullinan, J.D., FCEP (2019)

Build larger legacies by knowing how to identify prospective givers based on their personal motivations.

    Lorraine del Prado, CSPG, CFRE, FCEP (2019)

    Hear real-life donor stories where the use of multiple charitable strategies helped address the unique needs of various family situations.

    Dr. James Preston (2019)

    How do you measure the results of marketing planned gifts at a major university? Find out how one university did just that, and what they learned in the process.

    Paul Caspersen, CFP®, MS (2019)

    Master planned giving strategies designed for your key donors born between 1946 and 1964—one of the most important segments of your donor base.

    Eddie Thompson, Ed.D., FCEP (2019)

    Stop merely aiming for industry standards. Meeting them only results in mediocrity. Instead, unlock 16 secrets to becoming truly exceptional in your fundraising.

    Joe Bull, J.D. (2018)

    Receive guidance on the challenging process of measuring the performance of gift planners and planned giving programs, and stop incentivizing the wrong behavior by imposing a short-term view on a long-term process.

    Katie Parker, Colleen Webster, Zach Christensen (2018)

    Getting into the inbox is your first challenge. Not going directly to the trash is the second. Convincing your audience to take action—that's the end goal. We can help.

    Russell James, J.D., Ph.D., CFP® (2018)

    Take an inside look at the comprehensive results of Dr. James' most recent research. He investigates the psychological and practical aspects of why gifts of assets are so critical for high-growth fundraising, and discusses strategies for effectively pursuing these important gifts.

    Nathan Stelter (2018)

    Get all of your donor survey questions answered. Learn who, how and why you should be asking your donors for their feedback.

    Scott Lumpkin (2018)

    Discover five key conversation drivers and practical ways to introduce planned giving to your donors and prospects.

    Jeff Comfort (2018)

    Explore the confluence of gift counting, accounting, valuation and stewardship and review methodologies for deciding when and how to count irrevocable and revocable planned gifts.

    Professor John D. Trybus (2018)

    Learn a simple framework for creating stories that lead your donors to take action for your organization.

    Lynn M. Gaumer, J.D., Larry Katzenstein (2018)

    Learn details of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and hear how the legislation will impact your nonprofit and your donors.

    Gregory J. Sharkey, J.D. (2017)

    Spark conversations that lead to gifts through a thoughtful series of tried-and-true questions.

    Cheryl Sturm, Nathan Stelter (2017)

    Gain a clearer picture of the attitudinal and behavioral differences between Boomers and Matures that will assist you in creating more powerful, targeted fundraising communications.

    Christopher R. Hoyt (2017)

    Help your donors make the most of their charitable giving using their retirement accounts. Using solutions revealed here, you'll know the best way to assist donors in structuring a charitable bequest of retirement assets. Pending 2017 tax proposals are also discussed.

    Anne T. Melvin (2017)

    Learn how your nonprofit can measure annual, major and planned giving fundraisers by a yardstick that matters—one that motivates officers to do their best work and leads them down the path of success.

    Lynn M. Gaumer, J.D. (2017)

    Help your board understand the important role a strong planned giving program plays in the success of your nonprofit while learning about the basics of the most popular planned gifts in this webinar from our senior gift planning consultant, Lynn Gaumer.

    Colleen Webster, Katie Parker, Zach Christensen (2017)

    Manage your email list and send actionable, meaningful emails every time. Our digital, creative and innovation leaders share insights to help you stand out in your donor's inbox.

    Tycely Williams, CFRE (2017)

    Engage your donors more efficiently and effectively with these strategies to blend your annual, major and planned giving programs.

    Cheryl Sturm, Zach Christensen (2016)

    Learn design and editorial best practices based on the latest research that will help increase donors' trust in and willingness to give to your organization.

    Cathy Sheffield (2016)

    Mitigate the risks and accelerate the rewards of planned gifts with sound gift acceptance policies. Our expert shows you how.

    Dr. Russell James, Cheryl Sturm (2016)

    This is what happens when two industry experts share their thoughts on new consumer research designed to unlock the door to more planned gifts.

    Carol Moreland (2016)

    Tips and techniques from the world of behavioral psychology that will make you rethink how you talk to donors.

    Lynn Gaumer, Craig Wruck (2016)

    A helpful refresher if you already know a lot about CGAs, and a comprehensive overview for newbies—all presented in an easy-to-understand and never-boring format.

    Lani Starkey (2016)

    Learn the lingo and sharpen your skills to work more effectively with estate planning attorneys, life insurance agents and other professional advisors.

    Jeff Comfort (2016)

    If you don’t have a buddy in the major gifts department, get one now! This webinar reveals why a collaboration between planned and major giving is a six-figure idea.

    Cheryl Sturm, Zach Christensen (2015)

    Learn how to breathe life into demographic and behavioral data so that you can deliver mind-blowing marketing campaigns your donors will love.

    Margaret May Damen (2015)

    We unveil the 3 Principles of Abundance and what they mean to women—who are often your most influential and lucrative prospects.

    Katherine Swank, J.D. (2015)

    Explore the findings of three exceptional planned giving studies and learn how to put them to work for you.

    Scott Lumpkin (2015)

    Do you know how to position planned giving so that your boss delights in the amazing work you do and becomes your biggest cheerleader?

    Lynn Gaumer, Phil Purcell (2015)

    If you’re looking for a super-complicated, snoozer of a presentation on planned giving, this isn’t it.

    Patience Boudreaux, Ray Watts (2015)

    Yeah, we know “plannual” is a made-up word, but the concepts offered here are real: Integrate your annual and planned giving efforts, then watch your success skyrocket.

    Lynn Gaumer, Phil Purcell (2014)

    If you’re ready to launch a PG program, we break it all down for you here. Even experienced shops will benefit from this straightforward checklist.

    J. Ann Selzer, Nathan Stelter (2013)

    Jump inside the mind of a professional advisor and learn how to immediately improve your relationships with these influential people and their clients.

    Bev Hutney, J. Ann Selzer (2012)

    The truth about how people decide to give and the surprising factors that influence them most.

    J. Ann Selzer, Larry Stelter (2009)

    Fascinating info and practical ideas on how to target your most lucrative prospects.

    J. Ann Selzer, Larry Stelter (2009)

    Are you missing out on untold millions in donations by ignoring a largely untapped group of prospects? Breakthrough research starts here.