"SILVER" Digital Marketing Platform


The following products and/or services are provided as standard within the base charge for the Stelter “Silver” Digital Marketing Platform:

Custom/Friendly URLs
The Digital Marketing Platform will deliver the home page and all subpages using user-friendly and search engine friendly URLs. An example is:

Client will receive web and email (if applicable) analytics reporting.

Gift Illustrator
Client will receive Gift Illustrator in the Digital Marketing Platform as the online gift calculator. Gift Illustrator is an interactive calculator providing the user with real-time information on a variety of planned gift types.

Search Optimization
All sites powered by the Digital Marketing Platform are optimized for third-party search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo!, Bing).

Mobile Optimization
Stelter content is optimized for viewing on mobile devices such as Apple iOS, Google Android and Amazon Kindle Fire platforms. Full site mobile optimization is dependent upon Client’s site architecture.

Planned Giving Toolkit
Client will gain access to prerecorded planned giving training resources (i.e., webinars) and presentation-ready materials, such as brochures and royalty-free content. Client will have access to this content via the Stelter Client Dashboard.

Gift Brochures
Site visitors can request instant access to additional technical details on predetermined planned giving topics. Visitors can view content within their web browser or download to PDF. To gain access to gift brochure content, each visitor must provide their name and email information via an online request form. Stelter will provide Client with request form data upon successful user download. Aggregated statistics on gift brochures are available via Stelter Platform Insights.

Royalty-Free Content Library
Client will have access to a variety of articles in the Stelter content library for use, royalty-free, in Client printed materials. Client may change the text in each article as needed.


The availability of the services above is subject to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, as well as to interruptions that affect the World Wide Web, Internet Service Providers and the servers and equipment used to provide the services. Stelter makes no commitments, warranties or representation as to the level of service availability.