University of Houston

Instant pick-me-up: Two $1 million gifts!

The Details

Awesome. That’s how it feels to make a big change and know, immediately, that it was the right choice. In 2014, the University of Houston partnered with Stelter to develop a fresh marketing strategy and unified message. With this in place, Stelter launched a new planned giving website with powerful built-in analytics. A custom newsletter was developed to reach and persuade new donors. Direct mail campaigns—using postcards with reply cards—engaged a large audience. All of the new initiatives reinforced the central messaging and allowed the University to build on its successes.

The Results

Website traffic is up, as are responses to direct mailings. Responses to the fall 2015 newsletter included two new donors who each pledged over $1 million to the University of Houston through planned giving. With marketing in hand, the University of Houston’s gift planning staff can focus on administration and long-term strategy.