Stelter Relationship Building Workshop®

A (Nearly) Foolproof System for Winning Donors Over

Skills Learned

  • How to construct an accurate psychological profile of a donor.
  • Ten principles of trust to influence any donor—no matter what his or her personality type.
  • Eight important questions to answer before calling a donor.
  • Nine powerful secrets for making a real connection with a donor.
  • The 11-step drill-down that will uncover a donor’s innermost desires.
  • Three keys to gaining agreement from donors for a win-win outcome.
  • How to preserve the relationships that will nurture long-term giving opportunities.

Why Try It?

  • You’re looking for a surefire system to get more donors interested in your cause and eager to support you again and again.
  • You get stuck trying to figure out how to approach donors.
  • You feel unprepared to handle donor objections.
  • You’re just starting your fundraising career.
  • You’re a seasoned veteran looking to sharpen your skills or add to your toolbox.

  • Find out if hosting a workshop is right for you. For details, contact

David Maxwell
David Maxwell

President Emeritus, Drake University

“I have a much more systematic sense of how to go about this than I did before. I’ve been fundraising for a long time, and certainly before going to see prospects, we have discussions and we plan. But there is much more of a system to how you plan for these meetings than I thought about previously, and I think it gives a kind of intellectual structure to the process that I find very valuable.”
Jan Rogers
Jan Rogers

Director of Planned Giving,
St. Louis Children’s Hospital

“This was excellent! The workshop gave me great insight into understanding different donors and their communication styles. I really believe these skills will help me develop better relationships and close more gifts with our donors.”