SUNY at Buffalo

Breakthrough Results in Less Time

The Strategy

Since 2006, SUNY at Buffalo has leaned on Stelter to develop a strategic marketing plan that covers direct mail, email and website communications. Delegating the heavy lifting to Stelter frees up team members to focus more on frontline fundraising, says Gift Planning Officer Neil Dengler.

“I can come up with an idea and hand it over to Stelter,” Neil says. “I know what to expect, and they’ve made my life easier.”

The centerpiece of the marketing plan is Pinnacle, a biannual estate and gift planning newsletter—the most popular feature of which solicits alumni feedback and stories. Stelter also designs and executes a research-based email strategy targetting three generations of alumni.

Neil values Stelter's ability to keep him apprised of breaking news that can have a significant impact on gift planning. And more important, to help take quick advantage of opportunities.

“Stelter had content ready to go for us on IRA rollovers,” Neil says. “We don’t have the resources to do that on our own.”

The Results

Neil estimates he has reduced his time spent on marketing from 50 percent to about 15 percent. He’s achieving more with less effort, without compromising quality.

“There are a number of six-figure gifts we would not have received were it not for our Pinnacle newsletter,” Neil says.