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Wendi Lanning

Client Success Manager

I am a wife, mother of two (Ella and Maya), daughter, sister, friend and so much more. I have many passions but what keeps me going is a need to help and take care of others. I love anything that includes people... things like cooking, dancing, being creative, entertaining and vacationing (at the beach preferably). I guess you would say my true passion is making people happy.

You are a superhero. What power would you choose?
A MOM. I can read minds, turn negatives into positives, heal pain, turn into any Guardian in a second's notice and the best power - LOVE!
If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
1) Flip old farm houses - remodel, redesign and decorate or 2) Cook - have a large industrial kitchen to prepare wonderful meals for family.
Inspire our readers. What's your favorite quote?
“You don't have to like everybody, but you do have to be nice to everyone.”