Our People

Among our family of 100+ subject matter experts—the super-achievers, the brainiacs, the jokesters, the rebels, the thinkers, the perfectionists, the heroes—each delivers something truly special. Our common ground is loyalty to each other, passion for our clients and hope for the people that nonprofits serve.

Larry Stelter driving his boat
Larry Stelter Chairman of the Board
Peggy on the boat
Peggy Fisher Strategic Advisor
Nathan Stelter and family
Nathan Stelter President
Jeremy Stelter and family
Jeremy Stelter Executive Vice President
Amanda, her husband and dog
Amanda Samson Senior Graphic Designer
Amber and her hubby in San Francisco
Amber Larson Director of People and Culture
Amber and her family.
Amber Moore Client Success Manager
Amber on her bike
Amber Zylstra Client Success Manager
Becca and her husband
Becca Templeton Operations Coordinator
Betsy and her husband
Betsy Parker Client Success Manager
Ben and his wife.
Ben Carstens Copy Editor
Bev smiling
Bev Hutney Chief Executive Officer
Brandon and family.
Brandon Berg Client Success Manager
Brian and his son
Brian Burrier Lead Web Developer
Dan and his wife
Dan Acheson Email Marketing Associate
Danny hiking
Danny Herzberg Regional Account Representative
David Mahoney smiling
David Mahoney Principal Account Executive
Dawn and her family
Dawn Solis Toledo Client Success Manager
Erin Garity
Erin Garity Digital Client Success Manager
Estela smiling
Estela Villanueva-Whitman Editorial Team Leader
Gina and her family
Gina Souvatrat Graphic Designer
Greg and his kids
Greg Schlaefle Client Success Manager
Heidi with a parrot
Heidi Downs Regional Account Representative
Jana Cobb smiling
Jana Cobb Client Services Manager
Jeff Johnson jumping
Jeff Johnson Principal Account Executive
Jen Lennon and daughters
Jen Lennon Senior Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Jessica and family
Jessica Durand Regional Account Representative
Jessica and her daughter
Jessica Samuelson Operations Business Analyst
Jim smiling
Jim Trier Company Assistant
Jon Sigmund Supervisor of Prepress Services
Justin wearing a horse head mask
Justin Roth Senior Graphic Designer
Kasi in downtown Des Moines
Kasi Zieminski Senior Content Strategist
Katie at the Coliseum
Katie Parker Editorial Manager
Keisha and her husband
Keisha Larson Art Director
Kelly and her kids
Kelly Benson Regional Account Representative
Kelsey smiling
Kelsey Kingery Graphic Designer
Kelsey and her family.
Kelsey Strohman Graphic Designer
Kristen smiling
Kristen Kruckenberg Digital Project Coordinator
Kristen with her dog
Kristen Lancaster Senior Graphic Designer
Laura Wiersema
Laura Von Bank Marketing Communications Writer
Libby and her kids
Libby Felton Principal Account Executive
Liz on vacation.
Liz Fisher Graphic Designer
Lora and her son
Lora Thiessen Client Services Team Leader
Lynn and her family
Lynn Gaumer Senior Gift Planning Consultant
Madalyn holding a pig
Madalyn Evans Database Cleanup
Marrianne with her husband.
Marianne Coppock Vice President Client Success
Marlena smiling
Marlena Estes Graphic Design Team Leader
Matt and his wife
Matt Gayman Client Success Manager
Melissa with her dog
Melissa Kline Digital Project Coordinator
Mike waterskiing
Mike Moritz Client Success Manager
Nina and her husband
Nina New Director of Operations
Renee and her family
Renee Durnin Client Strategist
Shayna and her husband
Shayna Zmolek Client Success Manager
Steve and his hunting dog
Steve Tuil Editorial Quality Administrator
Susan and her dog
Susan Feidelman Principal Account Executive
Travis smiling
Travis Hamilton Regional Account Representative
Tricia repelling
Tricia Thinnes Project Manager
Wendi with a monkey on her shoulder
Wendi Lanning Client Success Manager
Zach and his family
Zach Christensen Creative Director
Sabrina and her son
Sabrina Cowan Client Success Manager