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Why I partner with Stelter: Innovation

University of Denver

Why I partner with Stelter: Innovation

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‘A Highly Vetted Resource’

In 2015, Jon Kraus had a decision to make. As executive director of gift planning at the University of Denver, he served on a selection committee reviewing planned giving vendors. One rose above the rest: Stelter. “What really stood out was that they offered a full suite of services as well as a quality of service that we were used to,” he says.

Building on campus


Stacey O'Malley

“Stelter’s messaging is never stale. It’s clean, fresh; they’re always looking to innovate and try new things to ensure they deliver results.”

Jon Kraus

Executive Director of Gift Planning at the University of Denver

Program Objectives

Increase qualified donor response  +  Annual growth in gift notifications   +  Legacy society expansion


Tactics Deployed

Targeted Multi-Channel Campaign

Educational Digital Campaign

Educational Direct Mail Campaign

Building confidence

“From a personal standpoint, I’m a much better gift planner with more knowledge,” Jon says. “Sure, I get information from other sources, but the most up-to-date material has been through Stelter.” The wealth of resources, he adds, gives him confidence when speaking to audiences. “The information is solid because it’s coming from a highly vetted resource.”

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