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Why I partner with Stelter: Program Growth

Los Angeles Jewish Home

Why I partner with Stelter: Program Growth

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‘A Good Foundation’

Aaron Levinson elevated his planned giving program to a whole new level, thanks to Stelter. “My strengths are with people; I’m better off talking to donors,” the planned giving director at the Los Angeles Jewish Home says. “My partnership with Stelter frees me up to do that. I’ve got that good foundation running behind me. And the leads they provide me fill up my schedule, keeping me in the field where I can make the most impact.”

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Aaron Levinson

“Oh my gosh, planned giving is such a large part of our budget and working with Stelter has really grown that program.”

Aaron Levinson

Planned Giving Director at Los Angeles Jewish Home

Program Objectives

Increase planned gift revenue  +  Cultivate planned giving leads  +  Expand legacy society membership


Tactics Deployed

Targeted Multi-Channel Campaign

Educational Multi-Channel Campaign

Digital Survey

Reaching the next level

When Aaron assumed his current role in 2010, the Jewish Home published a planned giving newsletter three times a year to about 2,000 people.

However, a meeting with Jeremy Stelter, who was Stelter’s director of business development for the Western U.S. at the time, started a deeper conversation. “Jeremy really challenged me to think of my program differently,” Aaron says. The goal: Evolve the program into an all-inclusive plan that would better capture people’s attention—and hold it there with thoughtful planned giving content. By providing a flow of information, rather than just drops three times a year, the Jewish Home could position itself as a trusted resource on planned giving and a place that values donors and relationships.

Keep Reading! Learn how Stelter's phased approach to surveying donors gave L.A. Jewish Home the time to do focused, meaningful follow-up, even with a small staff.

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